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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Let's do some research........

Over the past few weeks I have been doing some research and reading up on Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur. I've never even been to Asia before so it's going to be a whole new exciting adventure for me and the girls. Hubcap has been before so he has a better idea.

We're going in April this year for our 'look and see' visit to check out houses, the office, roads, schools and anything else that we need to inspect.

Here are some awesome websites and blogs that have given me a better idea on KL and what to do.
Of course, most of the things I have been searching for revolve around the girls, but luckily KL is a very child-friendly city and there is so much to keep little ones occupied.

And of course the weather being tropical and warm (much like our Durban weather here in SA) - means that we can explore outdoors most of the year. (I'm rather hoping that I never have to unpack my scarves while I'm living there!)

Here are some links to help you:
An awesome website that has listed and detailed all the nice beaches in Malaysia. It also has a year round list of things to do month by month, inlcuding special festivals. Trust me to find Legoland Malaysia on this website, will have to make a trip there especially for Hubcap.
A website blog written by a a few moms living in Kuala Lumpur. Great ideas on outings, holidays, beaches, shopping and keeping little ones happy.
An expat website dedicated to expat's experiences around the world..
A really cool blog written by an Australian wife to a British diplomat living in Kuala Lumpur. Her writing is simply fabulous and honest and I love reading her posts. You'll have to read her article on how Malaysians love kids and how we'll have to get used to cheek pinching, photos and general honest interest in our kids on the streets. Not sure how my Hubcap will take this as he is a very reserved person when it comes to strangers touching or talking to his Girls.
I found a great, detailed list of schools and suburbs/areas on this site. They have links to all the schools mentioned as well as pro's and con's for each area. They also have some general info about domestic help, hospitals, healthcare, safety and types of accommodation.
You'll need to register for free here to receive the finer details of each city but it's worth it. You can also choose some activities that you enjoy and they arrange outings and get-togethers so you can meet other expats.

So on goes my research and partial planning for our move. I'm not stressing too much yet as it's a long time away but better to be prepared.

Chat soon
Claire x

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